Toast’s Home

Kaohsiung city, Taiwan | 2018

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In Kaohsiung, there is an old apartment located on the end of Zuoying highway, which has been forgotten for 15 years.

Since the original status is very aged, we keep the original brick and make a new green retro wall. Decor with the wood element, to balance the vintage style of the space.

The extension from American style green TV wall is a reading area by the windows trill, the brick wall and the vintage leather sofa, a book shelf made by the pipe, all the element represented the diverse inspiration and combination of the apartment style.

There is a highway right underneath the balcony, which almost hold quarter of the plan. The dust and noise is the main reason for the idle, we have to find the way for the usage of this area and revive the space.

Every independent space is well covered and integrated by the design, the style won’t be affected because of the narrow and many doors. The space is more sharp and clean when storage is covered, there is no idea what will be shown by the next door. It always makes the guest surprised!

Lots of wood veneer has been used to cover the wall, and hang on several frames of black and white photography, it represents the life quality in 70’s, and feel like to go back to the old generation.