Recall Casa

Kaohsiung city, Taiwan | 2015



The old movie poster, gramophone record, vintage camera make the space looks like ta loft café which features as vintage, but it is actually the residential of a couple ,three lovely cats, and plenty of charming collection. We have turned the exactly new painted wall into the original and rough concrete, and changed the bright new marble floor to concrete floor which fully reverse the atmosphere of the space. While you walked into the entryway, the sunlight and plants pass through the hollowed-out iron panel which has the host’s favorite image makes the industrial style warmer. Behind the iron panel is the cozy and individual space. The case made by plywood besides, it’s the highlight of the living room, and right behind it is the slide case for display the numerous gramophone records. The vintage train station clock, pipes dining table and shelves, leather dining chairs, vintage telephone which actually could be used, their combination make the dining room look even more similar as the loft café featured as the movie scenes. In the kitchen, we create the wine storage made by steel reinforcing bar looks footloose and industrial. Besides the dining room is the nook for three adorable cats to have fun, also, the mini arched-door is for them to interact with hosts, while they’re sleeping at night with door closed, they just need to make the mini door opened, and these cats could come to accompany them anytime.